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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

True Hero of West Papua

BARNABAS SUEBU, the Governor of Papua, works for West Papuan people and peacefully channels West Papuan aspirations to the central Government of Indonesia which has legally and helpfully developed the land of WEST PAPUA, for many years.

Now the American magazine “TIME” has called him a “Hero of the Environment”. They have invited him to London for a “Heroes Awards Ceremony”. They say he is a “hero” because he wants Western countries like Britain and the USA to pay millions of dollars to Indonesia not to cut down the forests.

The Land of Papua always belonged to West Papuan. West Papuan is also Indonesian, the same blood of nation. The Government of Indonesia represents the interest of the people who live within Indonesia territories, including West Papuan. So, when Indonesia get money for cutting the trees down, it should also benefited West Papuan. Now, when Indonesia get the money for not cutting the trees down, it should also for the development of West Papua.

We want Britain and the USA to give more money to Indonesia with a transparent procedure. People of Indonesia especially who live in West Papua should know the amount and the management of the money. It is an obligation for international community to help West Papua with the right method. The money should not go to the TNI [Indonesian military] or Police. The role of TNI and Police is to protect West Papuan from terrorist group that have already caused a long conflict with so many casualties. The terrorist group gets funds, weapons, and supports from political and economic opportunist abroad. The terrorist group of OPM only knows how to kill, torture, terrorize and kidnap even more of West Papuan People who don’t want to join them.

Mr Suebu is truly Papuan, his ancestors are Papuan. He was born a Papuan and he loves peace and cleverly knows how to develop West Papua by governing special autonomous government. Suebu is truly a hero for us Papuans, and he is also a hero of Indonesia, more widely he is a hero of environment, and the world recognizes it. Those whoever tries to disgrace the real hero is a coward with a jealous heart.

Mr Suebu says he cares about our Papuan forests, and he always attentive to the suffering of our Papuan people. At the same time as he travels to Jakarta, London and other cities around the World, we Papuans are waiting for further results of his efforts to get foreign investment.

For us Papuans, People & Nature are as ONE. We cannot be separated from our Sacred Land – our forests, our mountains, our rivers, our seas. Mr Suebu says he cares about our forests, and at the same time he does care about our PEOPLE. He cares about the forests, and about the People. He will never separate us from our forests. People and Land and Nature. We are all ONE.Mr Suebu has been Papuan loyalist and at the same times an Indonesian nationalist all his life. He has visions for our future, WE ARE PAPUAN and WE ARE ALSO INDONESIAN. We should be proud of Mr. Suebu’s future vision as Papuan Governor for us.

For Mr Suebu, protecting the interests, dignity and honour of West Papua, Nusantara and NKRI (The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia) is his duty. Seeing the bright future of democratic Indonesian laws all together with the prosperity of Papuan people. It is therefore his duty as a Papuan and as an Indonesian to work very hard for West Papuan people.

For this reason Mr Suebu is a hero of West Papua and Indonesia. And for this reason he is a hero for environment and humanity, whatever any political opportunist abroad defames him. International magazine chooses to call him as a true hero.

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